Too Many WIPs Too Much Time

Has anyone else out there ever been overwhelmed by their knitting? I am not just talking about having to finish a bunch of projects by Christmas.  I am talking about complete knitting burn-out.  

Before we moved to Wisconsin this fall I had (gasp!) not one, not two, but three WIPs!  As a monogamous knitter this was completely astounding.  I can only account for it by blaming some extra anxiety that triggered some start-itis before the big move.  By the time we got settled I was glad to have some time to sit and knit but then I became overwhelmed by the number of things on my needles.  

I forced myself to complete one project after another.  First, my Spector sweater, then my Pandemic CAL blanket, and finally my Cozy Autumn Socks I promised my mom.  Eventually, I was back down to only one project and didn’t feel so overwhelmed by the number of projects I hadn’t yet finished.  

I still had a problem.  I simply had too much time to knit.  I know it sounds like blasphemy.  As an obsessed knitter I didn’t think that kind of threshold even existed.  My husband went off to work every morning and I slept in a little and then started knitting.  Somewhere along the way it started to feel like work.  Ultimately, I ended up dreading even looking at my knitting bag.  I spend days wandering the house just avoiding my knitting and also pretty much avoiding everything else.  I was miserable.  

I knew moving someplace where I didn’t know a soul would be lonely and challenging but I wasn’t counting on not being able to find solace in my knitting.  It had always helped before.  Finally, it dawned on me that I was burned out and I needed to find something else to fill my time.  

As a teacher I was unsure about heading back to the classroom.  Having finished last school year and begun this one teaching in the uncertainty of a pandemic my original plan was to look for work in the fall when hopefully things were a little more normal.  As the weeks passed and I started to resent my knitting I finally came to the conclusion I needed to find a teaching job.  

Thankfully, special education teachers are in-demand everywhere.  I was hired almost as soon as I applied.  I start working full time again on January 4th.  Now that my time at home 24/7 has an end date my knitting doesn’t feel like so much of a chore.  I have a limited amount of time to enjoy my craft and I can relax and knit without feeling burned out.   

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  1. Olivia

    Glad you sorted all that out. Wait till you have to retire. So much time and knitting is about it. That’s why I got the corgi puppies last February. They keep me entertained, active for walks in every weather and busy as they needed (and still do) a lot of training. They are my companions during the day and full of joy and love. It’s almost like having small children again. I forced myself to stop knitting after the Christmas gift push, for a whole week. Every once in a while we must push ourselves to just find other interests. I have a huge Astronomy and physics interest so occasionally I just do some studying and reading to remind me how wondrous the universe really is. Good luck with the new job.


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