Thoughts On My First Knitted Sweater

Spector by Joji Locatelli is my very first fitted sweater.  I have made an oversized cardigan and an oversized shrug.  This was the first item I have made besides a sock that was meant to fit me perfectly.  It took me about 3 ½ months to finish this project.  Below is a glimpse into my brain as I glacially knit this sweater. 

Swatching-Ugh, I hate to swatch but if I want this sweater to fit I better do it.  I am going to start off by using 2 needle sizes up since that is usually what I need to do.  My swatch isn’t too bad.  I think it will be fine.    

Measuring-Is there anything more awful than measuring yourself?  Am I really that big around?  Maybe measuring myself in the middle of a pandemic when I haven’t been able to work out in almost 5 months was a bad idea…I guess I will make the large.  I hope I have enough yarn…Yup I have enough yardage even though I don’t have the 5 recommended skeins.  Maybe I should have my husband (engineer) check my math. I am definitely going to go for it with 4 skeins because I think I have enough yardage.

The yoke- Hmmmm…knit 1, purl 1 through the back loop.  This stitch pattern is a little awkward at first.  Oh look it gets easier after a few rounds.  I like the way this rib is so defined.  Onto the bud stitch…what the heck is the bud stitch?!  I will check on Ravelry and Youtube and see what I can find.  Ok…I think I have it down now to try it…Wow, what a pretty new stitch for me!  I wonder where I put my cable needle.  I am just not brave enough to try to cable without it.  

Separating for the arms- It will be nice to have some of these stitches on a spare bit of yarn.  I will have less stitches to make up a round.  Huh, how do I cast-on mid-round again?  I am going to do it a little loosely so I can actually see the stitches to pick up.  Uh-oh I hope I didn’t do them too lose.  I don’t want a hole under the arm.  I guess the only way to find out is to finish the body and start the arms.      

Body-This is taking forever!  Oh look!  A color change!  

Arm #1-This can’t take very long.  I am just knitting a long tube.  Hmmm…my circular needle is too long.  I wonder where I put my box of double pointed needles?  I wonder if I have the right size double points?  Now where did I put my needle gauge?  Ok, I am finally ready to pick up those live stitches! Which color was I supposed to use?  Why didn’t I mark down which round I was on in which color?  I got it now!  Wow, this sleeve goes on for miles! Should I make it ¾ sleeves?  No, Jennifer, just suck it up and keep going!

Arm #2-The first sleeve took you forever because you didn’t sit down and focus on it.  This really shouldn’t take long and then you can wear it!  What round and what color do I start with again?  Oh yeah! Uh-oh.  I hope I have enough yarn.  How am I playing yarn chicken right now?!  I did the math! Well, my husband did the math…Maybe I will make it.  I am going to make it.  I think I am going to make it.  I made it!  Now onto the next color!  Only an inch left!  Only an inch left!  Come on!  You can do it!  Done!


Blocking-  Is it dry yet? Is it dry yet? Is it dry yet?  I hope the stitches relaxed!     


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