Year of the Sock

2022 brought many changes to my life and more than a few challenges.  This time last year I was anxiously preparing for the first of a series of interviews that would lead to a significant career change.  I battled guilt as I left teaching in the middle of the school year and entered the world of fundraising in higher education.  

As I transitioned from teaching to my new position, my knitting and crochet took a back seat.  New and numerous professional challenges came with exhaustion. By the time I made it home each night, I was too tired to knit (gasp!).  Don’t feel too sorry for me. I still completed multiple projects.  I was drawn toward simplicity and it took me more time to complete projects.  My yarn purchases also outpaced my needles by a lot.  I now have, what I would consider, a large stash.  

The New Year always feels like a fresh start to me.  I am one of “those people” who set goals and tried to keep resolutions with varying degrees of success.  I have two knitting-related goals this year:

Use my stashed single skeins to knit more socks- I love to buy pretty sock/fingering weight yarn.  The problem is it then languishes in my stash.  This year, whenever I finish a larger or non-sock project, I am going to pick one of these beautiful single skeins and make a pair of socks.  I am going to pick patterns from, the artfully published, 52 Weeks of Socks book.  On my needles now is the first pattern in the book, Intersections, by Marceline Smith.  I don’t expect to knit a pair of socks each week and I don’t want to.  My goal is to make more socks, which I wear regularly, and put a dent in my stash.  

Grow Dove Call Knits- I am not sure what this will look like.  Suggestions are accepted!  I would love to write more and self-publish a few more patterns.  Knitters and crocheters are the best people, and I would like to make more yarn sports friends and share more of my passion for these crafts.  

I will share my progress on these two goals.  For now, since I actually made it to midnight last night, I am off to take a nap!  Happy New Year!  

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