Time for change

Today is my favorite day of the year.   The leaves are changing and it is the day that we change our clocks back 1 hour later.  This change gives us a whole extra hour to sleep-in, knit, bake, do house chores, or even write a blog post.  

I have personally been going through a lot of changes.  For example, I was forced to purchase a new knitting chair.  One of my kitties had an unfortunate accident on it and it was unable to be salvaged.  It will seem ridiculous to some, but I genuinely mourned that chair.    

I found that chair for free at a yard sale in 2006.  It was as ugly as sin but I was just about to leave for college and it was free.  I bought a set of sheets and my dad helped me cover it with only slightly less ugly bed-sheet fabric.  It was with me all through college, moved with me to Seattle when I was first married and has been with me faithfully as we bought our first house, second house, moved to Tucson, and, finally, moved here to Wisconsin. It was perfectly molded to my butt and had just enough room for a yarn bowl next to me.  

When the accident was discovered I was devastated.  Rationally, I know there are many other chairs available in the world, and even in my own house.  None of them were “my” chair.  They just didn’t sit right.  They were not the right size to accommodate my yarn bowl.  They were too tall, too short, too soft, and too hard.  

My very patient and saintly husband helped me with my goldilocks search for a new knitting chair.  During the weeks I was searching I was in a knitting funk.  When I finally found an acceptable loveseat I was still in a funk as I waited for it to be delivered, and then waited for a replacement because the original that was delivered was damaged.  

While I searched and waited nothing was going right with my knitting.  The smallest mistakes pushed me over the edge and made me set it aside for days.  The mistakes I was making were elementary ones.  Trying to fix them made it worse more often than not.  

At the same time the beginning of the school year was not going smoothly.  The beginning of the school year is always exhausting but this one seemed harder than usual.  It hasn’t really gotten better, but that is a story for another time.  I was too exhausted to knit and if I tried I was too exhausted to not make a plethora of mistakes.  

The new (undamaged) loveseat is here and slowly molding to my butt.  My kitties love the extra space to cuddle while I knit.  This goldilocks has finally made peace with a new knitting chair.  


  1. Olivia

    I can’t tell you how much this is me as well. Not so much with a chair but a spot in my house. We moved in 4 years ago and I’m still waiting for the room I knit in to be remodeled (family room). All the other rooms (with incredible stress through the pandemic & lockdowns) have been done but the one I’m in all day with the corgis remains dark and uncomfortable. Supposedly an exterior wall will come down & the room will extend into the yard 6 feet. Windows will be added and (my heart) a real wood burning fireplace at the end. I struggle with dark yarn while I wait as I refuse to turn overhead lights on in the 10 ft ceiling, it would be like a warehouse! My builder husband has been inundated with rather selfish wealthy customers and there is never time to do this project. (Though I did get 2 narrow windows after begging for 2 years). To knit by a fire on chilly days with a pot of tea is like heaven. So I’m happy for you to have your little loveseat, may you knit in cozy peace. xo


  2. knittingissofun

    Nothing wrong with having the perfect chair for knitting. Sadly I “lost” my loveseat when one of the boys moved back home for a bit. Our overstuffed living room loveseats rub on my elbow when I knit. What’s a person to do!?! Hope you are settling in and enjoying your new knitting seat.


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