I think my knitting is cursed.  In the last week I have permanently abandoned two different projects; socks and mittens.  

The sock I knit was a second attempt at the pattern.  The first attempt was frogged because the yarn wasn’t a good match for the pattern.  It was too variegated.  The second attempt was abandoned completely because after I knit the first sock I realized there was something drastically wrong with my gauge.  Who even takes the time to test the gauge on a sock?!  My sock was too long and too wide even before it was blocked.  Could I rip it out and correct my gauge?  Sure.  Am I going to?  No.  

Frustrated with my sock I chose a pattern for mittens.  Since we moved I could use a new pair of mittens.  The pattern said I needed 60 grams of DK.  Great!  I have 63 grams of DK leftover from my last hat.  I am a tight knitter so I know I won’t even need to play yarn chicken.  Two days later as I am picking up my stitches for the thumb I weigh my yarn just to be sure I have enough.  My confidence is high.  I have small hands so I took out a pattern repeat to shorten the length of the mittens.  I know I have enough.  Except, I don’t.  I have less than half of my 60 grams left and I had just started on the thumb.  UGH!!! When I checked my gauge it was smaller than the pattern suggests!  How is this happening?!

I chose the quick, and turns out, infuriating projects because I needed a break from large projects that take months.  I just finished, and love, my Filigree sweater by Julie Knits in Paris.  On April 1st I am starting a blanket crochet along.  All I wanted was some quick and satisfying projects.  What I got was a couple of headaches.  

Thankfully, spring break is here for this tired teacher.  I am going to cast-on a sweater and start my crochet along blanket.  Hopefully, spring break will break my knitting curse.


  1. Olivia

    Oh geez, I’ve had my share of those. It’s always best to just do something else for a while. Recently I have allowed myself to knit maybe one or two rows in a day and not get upset. I have to remember knitting is not a job! This keeps me from disliking a project, easy or challenging.

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