I love to wear the things that I knit.  I feel proud of my finished projects and am eager to show them off.  Most of the time I get a lot of compliments on my hand knitted items which gives me a little confidence boost.  There are occasions when I wear one of my masterpieces and I get nothing, nada, zilch.  

This week I wore my spectacular Mosaic Mania shawl by Ute Nawratil.  This shawl/wrap is one of my more spectacular pieces because of the breathtaking Zauberball yarn that I used coupled with the perfect brown to show off each Zauberball color.  Unfortunately, no one else seemed to notice how amazing this shawl/wrap really is.  

I don’t mean to sound conceited or needy but I was slightly disappointed no one seemed to notice how magnificent my shawl is.  Has this ever happened to anyone else?  You work for weeks or months on a knitted or crocheted project that is nothing but eye candy and then not have a single person seem to notice?  It is worse than the cliche of trying something new with your hair and your husband/significant other not noticing.  

I invest a lot of my time and myself in each of my pieces.  It makes me feel good when others notice the work of art that they are.  Maybe I will take a trip to my local yarn shop with a hand knit soon.  At an LYS there is always someone there that knows the value of what they are looking at.  


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