The Next Chapter

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus had it right when he said, “The only constant in life is change” and knitting. Maybe he didn’t really say the knitting part but it is still true.

Besides all of the change that 2020 has brought to all of our lives this year I am adding to it a cross-country move. A few weeks ago my husband accepted a job in Wisconsin and we are leaving Arizona!

I can honestly say that I am excited about the change. I am ready to live somewhere with 4 seasons and move back to a greener and less dry climate. However, as with any major life event, it seems like there are long periods of waiting followed by adrenaline pumping, my hair is on fire, I have to get this done intervals.

One of the things I am most excited about is actually being able to wear my own knitting. In Arizona there is only a small window of time wearing my knitting is remotely possible, if it happens at all. In Wisconsin that will all change, and will change in ways I am probably not remotely prepared for. Luckily, I am working on my first fitted sweater right now (Spector). I am excited to wear it sooner than I thought possible.

I am also looking forward to exploring new local yarn shops. I love that local yarn shops all carry something different. I love discovering new yarn and new sources of inspiration for knitting projects. I am also always happy to meet other knitters and be inspired by them.

I know it will be hard to say good-bye to my students and friends here. Leaving our beautiful home and not year knowing what our new home will be will also be challenging. Hopefully we only have to live in a hotel for a month while we close on a new house.

My biggest question right now is how much yarn should I keep out of storage/boxes for the drive? I don’t want to run out! My knitting is the only thing keeping me close to sane right now!


  1. Olivia

    Good luck and fortune. Just keep yarn for your current projects and maybe one more. That will encourage you to hunt down new yarn shops on the way and while there. But a word of warning…keep all your needles with you. I once went to another state for a week and lost a needle on the plane! There were NO Yarn stores even remotely close. It was a horrible trip without knitting.

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