Retrospective 2019

Since January of 2019 I have kept a project journal. It documents the names and authors of patterns I have knitted or crocheted, what yarn I used, when I started and finished, and a few notes about each pattern. Next to each entry I taped a sample of the yarn I used. Some projects took me just days and others took months. I am also pleased to say that 2 were my own design and you can find the patterns under my patterns section.

In 2019 I began 22 different knitted or crochet projects. Of those 22 only 1 ended up in the trash out of frustration (when it isn’t right it just isn’t right). 2 of the projects were patterns that I created all on my own and give me a real sense of accomplishment. 4 of the 22 were crochet projects. 3 of the 22 projects ended in a rousing game of yarn chicken. 2 were repeat projects.

Out of all of these projects Oceanbound by Melanie Berg, Prisim by Yumiko Alexander, Stormy Sky by Life is Cozy, Elliot Bay Socks by Useless Bay Knits, and Magical Thinking by Casapinka were my absolute favorites. They each taught me something new and challenged me to grow as a knitter and crocheter.

This year, inspiration from my knitting friends led me to experiment more boldly with color and texture. As a group we experienced and supported each other through triumph and heartache. They were there as a sounding board when I needed one and made me laugh when I was gloomy. They were my weekly source of inspiration and comfort.

2019 wasn’t a perfect year, but I am thankful for everyone I was able to share it with, be inspired by, and possibly inspire this year. I am looking forward to a new year and a new decade.

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