‘Tis the Season

Thanksgiving was wonderful and now Christmas is only a few weeks away. The time between my fall break in October and Winter Break in December is definitely the busiest as a teacher. There are holidays, assemblies, grade-level musicals, festivals, and parades. On top of all the school festivities, as a special education teacher there is also a flurry of referrals and meetings regarding students who may need special education support.

With everything going on and a very busy school schedule I have struggled to find the energy to knit. Yes, I find knitting very relaxing. Yes, I try to knit a little everyday. Yes, I feel like something is missing if I skip knitting for a day or two. All of those things being true, I can honestly say at this point in the year/school calendar sometimes all I want to do is come home and put as little effort into life as possible.

I also feel a little bit guilty “doing nothing”. Even though, for me, knitting is self-care there are times that I find myself taking a little break and slowing down by watching TV without a project in my hand or playing a mindless game on my phone. It feels a little indecent to be admitting all this because I am a die-hard want to convert everyone I meet into becoming a knitter too kind of knitter.

Thankfully, I was not overly ambitious in deciding to make knitted Christmas gifts this year. The one project I made for a friend this year was finished in September.

The point of all these ramblings is to say that this is a crazy busy time of year for everyone. Don’t be hard on yourself if you can’t finish making matching sweaters for everyone in your #squad. Take some time to slow down and give yourself permission for that to look however you want it to. Maybe it looks like working on some selfish knitting maybe it is laying in bed scrolling through Pinterest.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season.


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