Travel Projects

I take my knitting or crochet projects almost everywhere I go. It doesn’t matter if I am travelling by car or plane; my knitting comes with me. With spring break and summer travel being planned travel projects have been an intense topic of conversation in my knitting group.

Everyone in my knitting circle can agree that travelling without knitting is at best unpleasant and at worst impossible. No one at my Saturday morning knitting group plans to not knit when they travel but they have very unique views on how to best travel with a project.

Some in my group travel with projects they have specifically picked out for their trip. Their projects are usually smaller (hats, gloves, socks etc.). They only work on these projects when they travel and these projects typically have a long life expectancy (not an urgent project that needs to be finished like a gift). Others in my group don’t travel with a project but plan on buying yarn and starting a project once they reach their destination. Like many of us, they like to souvenir shop and explore local yarn shops. A few others, myself included, travel with whatever project is on my needles at the time.

As a monogamous knitter I personally can’t fathom casting on a project just for a trip. I also can’t imagine laying it aside until I travel again. I do love to visit local yarn shops and souvenir shop but I can’t travel to my destination without a project. I also don’t have any remorse about bringing along a larger project (shawl or something similar) because I almost always knit on circular needles, the fabric folds, and the needles aren’t jabbing into anyone sitting next to me. I even have a wonderful size-adjustable knitting bag my mom made me that is the perfect carry-on size and is a convenient size for car travel. My knitting bag also has plenty of room for an extra skein or two and an extra pattern in case I finish my WIP ( never want to be caught without knitting supplies, am I right?).

Over spring break I took my (then) current WIP for the 6 1/2 hour car ride. It was a crochet project and easy to pick up and work on during our busy visit with family. I wish I could say I finished it on that trip, I didn’t, but I did come close. Now that it is all finished and blocked I am thankful for the block of travel time I had to work on it.

P.S. A dove landed right in my camera frame when I was taking a picture!

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