Selfish Knitting Season

Every year I get excited for the holidays.  I love putting Christmas lights on and in my house, decorating the tree, baking some sweets and seeing more of friends and family.  By the beginning of January I am tired and ready for some quiet. Don’t get me wrong, I think the holiday’s are great and enjoy every moment.  It is just a busy time of year and a time when a lot of knitters and crafters are busy making things as gifts for friends, coworkers, and family members.  Projects for myself are put aside starting around October as I knit for others (more and more frantically as it is gets closer to Christmas).

By the time January rolls around I am ready for a little selfish knitting.  Selfish knitting for me includes knitting projects I have been looking forward to for months.  It is knitting with a special skein of yarn I wouldn’t use for anyone else. It is very often larger projects that I want to make for myself.  

Selfish knitting season also often comes with the resolution to start knitting for Christmas sooner, attempting an adventurous project, and the intention of learning a new technique or two.  I am usually willing to follow up on the learning of a new technique or trying an adventurous project. I never quite seem able or willing to start on Christmas gift knitting sooner. I am always knitting something for someone on Christmas Eve or even putting the finishing touches on something Christmas morning.

Right now I am working on the ultimate selfish knitting project.  A cowl with a little sparkle added to the Yak and Merino. This cowl is a design of my own that I just haven’t been able make happen on my needles.  I can’t wait to finish and wear it (show it off). I am hoping to be done and able to wear it to school when it starts up again on Monday. At any rate I am planning on fully enjoying my last few days of winter break with a little selfish knitting and TV.

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