What Kind of Knitter are You?

In my knitting group there has been a swirling debate about the different kinds of knitters.  A knitter I consider more wise than myself has decided that, after years of observation, there are only two types of knitters.  She thinks that knitters are either project knitters or process knitters.  

Project Knitters:  Project knitters are knitters who to knit to finish projects.  They may knit multiple projects at a time and even have some projects they never finish but their ultimate goal is to finish projects.  Project knitters specifically choose their projects.  For example, they seek out and purposefully knit a lace shawl, make a hat for a friend, or a baby blanket for an expecting mother.  They finish most of their projects.  They use the things they create.  Even their yarn choice is something they have spent time thinking about and planning.  When project knitters travel they pack an extra project or two just so they don’t finish a project with nothing to replace it.  For the project knitter it is all about the product and only a little about the act.

Process Knitters:  Process knitters are knitters who knit solely for the sake of knitting.    These knitters may knit multiple projects but usually just have one going at a time.  A process knitters goal isn’t to finish the project but to be knitting.  It doesn’t really matter what that knitting is.  They knit just to knit and because they like the act of knitting; it is meditative.  Sometimes this means finishing actual projects but a lot of time this literally means just knitting.  They are happy to knit almost anything out of any kind of material.  When the process knitter travels and they finish their project they don’t think twice about just ripping it out so that they can continue knitting.  For the process knitter it is all about act of knitting not necessarily the product.

I personally don’t believe knitting is this dichotomous.  I feel like I fall somewhere in between.  I love finishing projects but I often pick the project based on the process.  For example, if I have just finished an intricate brioche or lace pattern I might pick a project with a lot of garter stitch for my next project just because I enjoy garter stitch after a more rigorous project.  Knitting is a lot about the process for me.  I find it relaxing and mind clearing.  However, I don’t think I have it in me to rip out an entire finished project just to have something to keep knitting on.  I am very purposeful about my knitting (picking projects and yarn etc.).  If I had to choose one category I would have to choose project knitter.  There is nothing I love more than a finished project.  

What type of knitter are you?

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