Knitting Interlude

I am a self-professed obsessed knitter. I knit almost every day. I can think of only one or two days a month that my knitting sits undisturbed in my knitting bag. I literally will knit anywhere; in the car, on a plane, watching TV, by the pool, but before I start sounding like Dr. Seuss I am sure you get the idea.

On the few days a month that I am unable to knit I feel a pull toward my work in progress. My hands long for the moment I am able to pick up my project again. If I do go longer than a day or two without knitting sometimes the needles feel foreign in my hands for the first row or round of knitting and I hate that feeling.

There are times where I will take a break from knitting to work on a crochet project. I have even taken a break from knitting to work on a quilt or a small cross-stitch project. Knitting is the one craft that I do consistently. When I take a break knitting is always there in the back of my mind luring me back with it’s siren song.

I am curious about what other knitters will take a knitting break for. Another craft? A vacation? Knitting burn-out? (Is this even possible?) Cost? Need of inspiration? For those knitters who do take extended breaks, what brings you back?

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