Mosaic Knitting

For me, all of last week was fall break.  I don’t know who the genius was in my district that decided to give us all a week long break between the first and second quarter but I am forever grateful to them.  It always comes at just the right time.  Aside from spending a few days in Vegas with my Dad I also spent a lot of time knitting.  I was able to finish my new favorite one skein project (Brickless) and start another project that required me to learn Mosaic knitting.

Mosaic knitting is a technique that uses two or more colors and requires slipped stitches with either the yarn in front or back.  I like it because you are always knitting with only one color at a time; unlike Fair Isle knitting which could require multiple colors for the same row or round.  The finished Mosaic knit project ends up looking spectacular and the technique isn’t out of the reach of even novice knitters.

I can say that I am in love with Mosaic knitting.  As colors are swapped and stitches are slipped the most amazing patterns are created!  The shawl I am working on is called “Mosaic Mania” by Ute Nawratil and it is a sampler of different mosaic stitch patterns.  On top of the amazing stitch patterns the pattern calls for the use of two complementary Zauberballs which gradually change colors as well as a solid color to show off the amazing Zauberballs.  The color change in the Zauberballs alone makes this pattern a motivating knit but when you add in the changing mosaic pattern I feel like I can’t knit fast enough.  I can’t wait to see the finished product!

If you can count and slip stitches from one needle to the other I would highly recommend trying mosaic knitting if you never have before.

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