The Small Stash: Color

How many people do you know still have an olive green or harvest gold refrigerator in their home?  Many of these colored appliances have quit running and even those that might still be in working condition have been replaced by more contemporary models.  These newer appliances have a lot of new features.  I have actually seen an ad for a smart-refrigerator (I can‘t decide if these new features are cool or if as a society we have become WAY too dependent on technology).

Just as trendy home décor colors change the same can be said about colors in fashion.  It seems like for a while light pastel colors are the hottest trend and then gradually jewel tones become the new “it” colors.  For the last few years gradient dyed yarns have been popular among knitters.  In a few years who knows what will be the next new trend.  I am personally hoping that eyelash yarn remains a thing of the past.

As knitters or crocheters a lot of what we make/create is an accessory or garment for ourselves or others.  Most of the knitters (myself included) try to mirror or create pieces that match our current style (however close to “trendy” that might be).  Even if you don’t consider yourself as trendy when you shop for clothes most of your options will be limited to what is currently sold in stores which is at least trendy enough for a store to carry it and therefore influenced by fashion designers who consider color as much as design.

If, as knitters, we have large stashes many of the colors will fall out of style before they are used for a “future intended project”.  Often, when we come across amazing patterns we rush to the local yarn shop to buy something new and the stash yarn remains on the shelf, bin, or under the bed until maybe we remember we have it the next time the color trend circles back.  Wouldn’t it be better to just save our money and buy yarn for a specific project?  I know how hard it can be to pass up a luxurious skein of some amazing fiber blend in an eye catching color but wouldn’t it be better to do that amazing skein justice by ensuring we actually use it for an equally amazing project rather than tucking it away in a bin or a closet for months, years or maybe forever?

I am the last person to judge another’s stash size.  It is a personal decision knitters have to make.  I, obviously, fall on the side of small stash or stashless knitters.   I personally keep a very small stash of yarn.  Most of what I have is something I couldn’t pass up and an extra unneeded skein from another project.  When all these “extras” start to pile up I purposefully look for a project to use them up before I move on to something new.  Even though I believe in the benefits of a small stash, large yarn stashes also have their benefits.  Knitting makes me happy therefore the size of my stash also makes me happy; the same should be true for you.

Maybe I am weird?  How many of you keep a small stash?

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