5 Reasons to Love your Knitting Group

  1. They inspire me. I knit with some truly amazing women. They inspire me with their current works in progress and with their incredible lives.  Kathy and Susan are able to knit on multiple gorgeous projects at one time (and finish them). Judy always has a new book or pattern to recommend.  Mary Anne has traveled to the Antarctic. Jackie travels the world and has an amazing eye for color. There is nothing these women can’t do and they make me feel the same way about myself.
  2. They challenge me. These women know how to knit and they make me a better knitter.  When I like something about one of their projects it almost always comes with the challenge of learning a new technique.  They are definitely not afraid to try something new and they encourage me to come along for the ride. We push each other out of our comfort zones and help each other get through the tough parts.

  3. We support each other. Stuck on a technique in a pattern? Someone at the table can patiently help you. Need a ride in order to make it to group that week? Someone will pick you up. Need supplies for your classroom? They will donate. Need a hat for your cancer treatment? They will knit it.  It feels good to love and be loved by others.

  4. We laugh together. I need therapeutic laughter at least once a week. These ladies can laugh at themselves and remind me it is OK to do the same.  They also are hilariously unafraid to speak their mind on any topic that comes up.

  5. We truly care about each other. They are more than skilled and creative fiber artists.  They are strong and resourceful women who are willing to share their life and knowledge with you.  After a while they become more than friends; they are family. I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world.  

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