Finding Knitspiration

As much as I love knitting sometimes I find myself wanting some inspiration.  I sometimes get tired of making only one type of item (shawls and cowls are usually my go-to).  I find myself wanting to learn a new skill or try something more challenging.  Is it possible to get tired of a shape?  I know I sometimes get tired of making items that are the same shape over and over again.  I even get tired of using the same size needles.

When I find myself feeling a little angsty with my knitting I start hunting for something new to inspire me.  I look for inspiration in a lot of different places.

  • My Small Stash: Sometimes I change my mind about a pattern I had intended for some yarn in my stash.  I know that I am not the only one that has a change in heart about the pattern I want to use with a specific yarn or how two colors fit together for a project. When this does happen I take my skein and allow myself to fall down the Ravelry rabbit hole until I find the perfect match.  I love that Ravelry will give you project suggestions based on you skein of yarn.
  • Social Media: Sites like Ravelry, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are often places I turn to in order to see what other people are working on and be inspired by their amazing skills.  I especially like all the small projects out there that use up all my ends/scrap yarn from previous projects.  I always have good intentions to do these projects.
  • Take a Class/Learn a New Skill: Sometimes all I need is to learn a new knitting skill to re-inspire myself.  I have taken different types of classes and never regretted it (sweater, brioche, pattern design, etc.).  There is always something new to learn (don’t I sound like a teacher?).
  • Go Outside: Sunsets and flowers always make me happy.  The colors are always spectacular!  Going outside gives me fresh air to breathe and I am able to clear my head in a way that I can’t inside.
  • Go to a Knitting Group or Guild: This is my favorite option when seeking inspiration and something I do weekly.  There is nothing better for getting inspired than seeing, touching, and talking about what other people are knitting.  In my knitting group I am constantly inspired by the yarn, patterns, and color choices others are knitting.  There are so many amazing and talented knitters out there!

Where do you find your inspiration?

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